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Client: Construction, design and project management company

Access to discretionary funds creates opportunities for growth

The client are a construction, design and project management company established in the 1930’s with a turnover of approaching £100M per year.

The business operates in a sector defined by low margins and a high level of competition. They are always looking for ways to improve supplier relationships and competitive edge, without necessarily impacting their clients.

It was important that the facility for this client was as flexible as possible. Because Woodsford Tradebridge are privately funded, we were able to tailor a flexible management approach to the facility.

Access to an additional on-call and discretionary funding line, allowed genuine improvements to the bottom line. By utilising the working capital facility, the client was able to always (rather than occasionally) meet supplier requests for early payment. The trade-off was the ability to negotiate early payment discounts for this option.

With very fine margins in the business, the client welcomed any opportunity to improve revenue. The Woodsford TradeBridge facility, with an early payment option, allowed them to maximise on the opportunity for supplier discounts – but no one is obligated and everything is voluntary.

You can find out more about this finance solution and how it could help your business on our turnaround and margin improvement page.

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