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Innovative funding products fit for the brave new world of online marketplaces

As a successful eCommerce business, you have certainly disrupted your market with innovative thinking and fast execution. The problem is that your vital merchants and suppliers are likely being held back by old fashioned bank funding…and if they can’t grow, your business will be impacted sooner or later.

Fund growth

By implementing a merchant funding programme we can release significant amounts of working capital to your top merchants or affiliates, driving their growth and your GMV.

Be a market leader

The competition for partners is tough and getting tougher. A well designed funding programme for your merchants or affiliates will cost you nothing, and create ‘stickiness’ and loyalty.

Sell more

A new breed of instalment payment solutions can drive significant growth. We work with technology partners to provide the funding that powers your instalment payment plan.

Why choose Woodsford TradeBridge for your supply chain finance?


We're a partner

Each eCommerce opportunity is unique. We’ll design, fund and deliver a programme that is just right for you and your merchants/affiliates.


Great Service

Borrowing is personal. We might be tech enabled, but we have real people supporting your valued partners from onboarding through to payment.



Our track record means we’ll give you both comfort and an unparalleled understanding of the ingredients that make a good eCommerce finance programme.

“Attracting the right merchants and partners to your platform is a key success factor. Why leave them to the mercy of high costs/low advance SME lenders when by working together we can deliver an amazing solution that rewards your top performers?”

Mark Coxhead CEO
Woodsford TradeBridge

Since 2014, Woodsford TradeBridge have been delivering eCommerce finance programmes - we consider ourselves pioneers! You might not have heard of us, but you will certainly know our clients. Working in partnership, we can: