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Liquidity & supplier support

Businesses with a strong asset base, strategically important supplier relationships, and a low quick ratio, need incremental liquidity to support business growth.

Strong businesses that improve their liquidity with flexible working capital solutions are more nimble, especially when their success is directly tied to the success of smaller supplier partners.

Strengthen supply base

Stronger relationships with suppliers and contractors can accelerate growth, offering successful businesses both security and negotiating power.

Improve quick ratio

When an organization has a large number of assets and strong balance sheet, but negative cash flow, the banks may consider the business high risk.

Cash conversion cycle

Working capital is key for businesses with a long cash conversion cycle, who often find plans and business activities restricted by their cash position.

Supplier illiquidity

Businesses rely on a large number of much smaller suppliers, and may find growth is limited by supplier illiquidity. Let us help you to address this market inefficiency.

Innervation Finance understands the importance of liquidity to businesses across a huge number of sectors, from wholesale to construction, retail to professional services.

Increased liquidity for strong businesses


We look at more than your P&L

Our team of industry experts will look beyond your financial statements and credit profile, and understand that a long or negative cash conversion cycle should not necessarily be a barrier to growth.


Much more than a bank

Like you, we’re a growing business ourselves. InnervationSCF® complements existing funding for ambitious businesses that are limited by their cash position.


Realize your growth potential

Leverage InnervationSCF® to pay suppliers early to support growth within your existing supply base, and reach out to new suppliers with a unique proposition.

Remove liquidity-related barriers to growth with InnervationSCF®

We understand that illiquidity limits your potential to grow
Traditional Trade finance has changed

When sales are growing consistently year on year, a negative cash conversion ratio can be deeply frustrating.

We love to work with businesses that rely on a large number of smaller suppliers, especially MWBE and local market suppliers and subcontractors, perhaps spread across the globe, for whom strengthening those relationships, and making new ones, is the route to business growth.

Large, complex, and global businesses thrive with improved supplier relationships

We work across every industry sector
We're happy to share what we know

To book an initial working capital review, or to speak with one of our experts, get in touch.