Client: Bridge Road Pharmacy

Woodsford RxBridge gives Bridge Road Pharmacy the Working capital they need to thrive

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A leap of faith

After a decade gaining experience and honing his skills alongside Day Lewis and Avicenna, Mithun Markwana took the leap and became the owner of his own community pharmacy, Bridge Road Pharmacy in Farnborough. When he learned that a nearby contractor was approaching retirement, Mithun decided to ‘do it for himself’ and looked for powerful pharmacy finance to help him spread his wings.


Why Woodsford RxBridge?

A personal reference held weight for Mithun and a recommendation from Christie Finance, his pharmacy vendor, led him to contact the Woodsford RxBridge team in search of working capital finance.  A facility from Woodsford RxBridge improved his cash position and allowed him to develop the services he needed to offer for the business to thrive.

“The first few months were challenging. Limited cashflow made it difficult to continue to offer some services for free. But as a new owner, I felt it was important to do it to keep the customers happy.
It’s important to act rather than wait for things to happen.’

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Client: Matrix Polymers

Supplying the rotomoulding industry

Simon Wallington, Global COO and Finance Director, explains how Matrix Polymers were able to expand their business in Asia with an unsecured Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance facility. 

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Supporting business growth strategy with additional working capital – case study


Who are Matrix Polymers?

“Matrix Polymers is a 27 year old privately-owned business that focuses on supplying raw materials to the rotational moulding industry.

Initially we started in 1992 as a polyethylene distribution company. We’ve since expanded globally and now have five production plants across the globe.

We have a very expansive and diverse customer base, covering a wide range of industries including automotive, construction and leisure.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Our Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance facility is unsecured, so it does not affect our existing financier relationships or security pledges, and sits alongside our existing IF and banking facilities.

The credit signoff is fast – about 4-6 weeks maximum – and a lot less onerous than with other providers.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“We have huge opportunities to grow, especially in Asia, where our business sales turnover and volumes have increased in excess of 120% over the past 3 years.

We are currently looking to increase our Woodsford TradeBridge facility. This will allow us to purchase higher volumes of raw materials whilst at the same time giving us additional working capital in the short term that we can put into use elsewhere, to grow the business.”

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Client: Construction, design and project management company

Access to discretionary funds creates opportunities for growth

The client are a construction, design and project management company established in the 1930’s with a turnover of approaching £100M per year.

The business operates in a sector defined by low margins and a high level of competition. They are always looking for ways to improve supplier relationships and competitive edge, without necessarily impacting their clients.

It was important that the facility for this client was as flexible as possible. Because Woodsford Tradebridge are privately funded, we were able to tailor a flexible management approach to the facility.

Access to an additional on-call and discretionary funding line, allowed genuine improvements to the bottom line. By utilising the working capital facility, the client was able to always (rather than occasionally) meet supplier requests for early payment. The trade-off was the ability to negotiate early payment discounts for this option.

With very fine margins in the business, the client welcomed any opportunity to improve revenue. The Woodsford TradeBridge facility, with an early payment option, allowed them to maximise on the opportunity for supplier discounts – but no one is obligated and everything is voluntary.

You can find out more about this finance solution and how it could help your business on our turnaround and margin improvement page.

Client: Strachan’s Chemist

Woodsford RxBridge gives Strachan's Chemist the freedom to grow

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Who is the client?

Having built a group of four pharmacies in Lancashire from scratch and with extensive experience of the challenges facing community pharmacy at both local and national level, through his Chairmanship of the National Pharmacy Association, Ian Strachan of Strachan’s Chemist approached Woodsford RxBridge for rapid working capital finance to support and accelerate growth.

Ian built his pharmacy group based on traditional values, but recognises the need for constant business development to remain competitive and support growth in the long term.


Why is Woodsford RxBridge?

“The Woodsford RxBridge working capital finance facility is a way of unlocking unused resource in your business. These are uncertain, challenging times and this facility is a prudent way to access resource and use it to develop your business. Community Pharmacy contractors should be aware of it as an option that could play a part for many businesses.”

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High street lingerie brand

Supporting growth plans in the retail industry

Driving growth plans with the support of a Woodsford TradeBridge supply chain finance facility.

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Relieving pressure on the working capital cycle – case study


Who are the client?

“A multi-channel, family run, lingerie and sex toy retailer, created by women for women.

We operate across multiple channels including stores, the web, wholesale and in-home parties.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

Supply chain finance was never really on our radar before we were introduced to Woodsford TradeBridge.

After a trial lasting 6 months, we were convinced that this type of facility was the right answer to our short-term financing needs.

The beauty of the facility is that you can dip into it as little or frequently as you choose, and they only charge when it is utilised. That allows us the flexibility to continue to fund innovation even during busy periods, so we can push forward with our growth plans.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“The constant challenge for every multi-channel retailer in the current climate is to understand the shopping habits of your customer so you can appreciate their true value.

This challenge means that we are forced to continually innovate in the way that we deliver the shopping experience to enhance customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more.”

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Client: Osborne Ltd

Supporting subcontractor relationships

Paul McCulloch, Support Services Improvement Manager, explains how Osborne strengthen vital subcontractor relationships without compromising their cash position

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The value of subcontractor relationships – case study


Who are Osborne?

“Osborne is a family owned construction services business, ranked as one of the top 50 main contractors in the UK.

We are a diverse company that works across various sectors.

We are trusted partners for our clients and throughout our supply chain network.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Woodsford TradeBridge offered a supply chain finance facility that was flexible for our needs. It has helped us build stronger relationships with a core of subcontractors who value it and are repeat customers every month.

We use the facility to support our subcontractors’ cash flow in an affordable way so their own businesses can thrive, and they can continue to perform well for us.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“We’re committed to improving and reducing payment terms throughout the supply chain, as evidenced by our commitment to the government’s Prompt Payment Code. This can be a challenge, but the types of finance available are slowly evolving.”

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Client: Multi-million $ digital marketing services company

Facility stabilises client’s cashflow, allowing business growth

The client are a multi-million $ digital marketing services company. They are leaders in the mining and manipulation of big data in the retail finance and travel sectors, generating leads for some of the world’s best known retailers.

They are required to pay up-front for work carried out on behalf of their clients (for example, funding Google Ad Words) resulting in a significant gap between the outgoing funds and payment from their end customer.

Woodsford TradeBridge provide a facility to bridge this gap and pay their supplier invoices as they fall due. This stabilises the client’s cashflow and allows the business to concentrate on growth.

You can find out more about this finance solution and how it could help your business on our Growth page.

Client: High growth construction firm

Maintaining control of project cashflows

Financial Director of a high growth construction firm explains how Woodsford TradeBridge have been a valuable partner in supporting business growth and development.

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Controlling project cashflows – case study


Who is the client?

“We are a diversified construction company that spans across a range of construction activities. We deliver integrated construction solutions for many of the biggest names in UK construction, as well as running our own turnkey projects.

In less than 2 decades, we have gone from start-up to having a £200 million turnover.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Working closely with Woodsford TradeBridge, we put together a supplier early payment programme to provide our project teams with a flexible tool for negotiating with suppliers and subcontractors.

Paying suppliers faster comes at a cost, our Woodsford TradeBridge facility gives the project team the flexibility to bridge this gap with a predefined cost of finance, ensuring we are not compromising overall performance to meet cashflow targets.”


What’s your biggest opportunity?

“As our business grows, and with Woodsford TradeBridge’s support we hope to continue to innovate. The next step for us is to develop the programme to further empower each of the group companies to optimise their own financial performance.

Our aim is to flexibly deploy a substantial amount of our own cash through the programme, enabling us to capture even more of the benefit without sacrificing control of our treasury function.”


To find out more about how Woodsford TradeBridge supported this high growth construction firm, download the full case study:


Client: High growth food service business

Supporting supplier growth

The Financial Director of a high growth food service business explains how Woodsford TradeBridge have been a valuable partner in aligning growth for both their business and their suppliers.

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Releasing capital to support supplier growth – case study


Who is the client?

“We are a growing food service business with a strong background in the dairy sector.

We work with more than 1,600 nursing homes, hospitals, schools and office blocks in London and the South of England supplying large deliveries of milk products and other very high-quality products.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Working closely with Woodsford TradeBridge, we implemented a supplier-led supply chain finance facility that allows us to strengthen our supplier relationships through a prompt payment programme.

With this additional working capital, supplier growth can be aligned with the growth of our business. Suppliers can use their improved cash flow position to fund growth in infrastructure, expand their logistical fleet and improve general operations.”


What’s your biggest opportunity?

“As our business grows, we are looking to focus on expanding our services to the North of England. With the implementation of a new distribution hub in Manchester, we will have the abilty to cover about 80% of the Britsh population.”


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Client: Sandhams Chemist

Woodsford RxBridge provides Sandhams Chemist with flexible pharmacy finance

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About Sandhams Chemist

Howard Sandham started his career as a community pharmacy contractor in 1982. Now, almost four decades later, he owns two pharmacies. This achievement has not come without its share of challenges however. With a lack of specialist funding in the sector and fewer manufacturers and wholesalers in the market due to business takeovers, it has become difficult to maintain a consistent profit.


Why Woodsford RxBridge pharmacy finance?

Woodsford RxBridge provided Howard Sandham with proven prescription factoring finance to help him manage volatility in the marketplace and provide peace of mind.

With no restrictions on use, the Woodsford RxBridge facility delivers the rapid working capital needed to enable Howard to buy enough stock to fill prescriptions and prevent customers looking elsewhere.

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