Sector solution: Woodsford RxBridge Pharmacy Finance

Building a fintech solution for the 21st Century

Seb Miles, Managing Director of Woodsford RxBridge, explains how Woodsford TradeBridge built a unique funding solution for the independent pharmacy sector.

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Building a funding platform to support growth in the pharmacy sector – case study


The Challenge

In early 2016, the Woodsford TradeBridge leadership team, led by Chairman Olivier Bonavero and CEO Mark Coxhead, identified a clear market opportunity to create a technology-powered funding solution for independent pharmacies and pharmacy groups.


More than £20m in funding – and increasing year on year

“ Under Seb’s leadership, and with his significant understanding of how the pharmacy and healthcare sector is funded, the quantum of Woodsford RxBridge funds out has increased to £20m over a staggeringly short period of time.”

Mark Coxhead,  CEO,  Woodsford TradeBridge


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Client: High-growth fashion marketplace

A finance solution for marketplaces

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A perfectly tailored lending solution – case study


Who are the client?

“Our client is a high-end fashion marketplace that “empowers individuals to embrace who they are”.

Working closely with them, we developed an innovative finance solution specifically tailored to their unique business model.

Fast forward to today, our client has seen exponential growth, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and operates on a global scale.”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Woodsford TradeBridge worked in partnership with this eCommerce client to provide an exclusive vendor finance product, designed specifically for their sector.

Offering vendors a bespoke, branded finance solution not only supports our client’s own growth ambitions, but it can also help ensure that the best merchants choose their marketplace over competitors.”


What’s their biggest challenge?

“Our client has two main challenges. The first is sourcing new merchants. The second is strengthening the relationship with existing merchants, by facilitating their growth through the marketplace.

A Woodford TradeBridge finance solution can help support both these objectives.

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Client: Raysan Direct

A finance solution for eCommerce marketplace sellers

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A flexible solution for any seller operating on a marketplace – case study


Who are Raysan Direct?

Raysan Direct is a specialist IT distribution and consulting business that uses marketplaces as a primary distribution channel.

After joining Newegg, we saw record sales allowing both us and Newegg to grow our GMV (Gross Merchandise Value).”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Our Woodsford TradeBridge facility allows us to continue to meet demand whilst we wait for sales payments to be released.

We have the funds available upfront to capitalise on good deals from our suppliers, and importantly to never run out of stock.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“We are heavily reliant on spotting an opportunity with a distributor to buy a popular product at a discount, and to undercut the same product on other marketplaces.

To do this quickly, we needed immediate access to working capital – which the Woodsford TradeBridge facility offers.”


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