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Client: Raysan Direct

A finance solution for eCommerce marketplace sellers

To download the full case study click here

A flexible solution for any seller operating on a marketplace – case study


Who are Raysan Direct?

Raysan Direct is a specialist IT distribution and consulting business that uses marketplaces as a primary distribution channel.

After joining Newegg, we saw record sales allowing both us and Newegg to grow our GMV (Gross Merchandise Value).”


Why Woodsford TradeBridge?

“Our Woodsford TradeBridge facility allows us to continue to meet demand whilst we wait for sales payments to be released.

We have the funds available upfront to capitalise on good deals from our suppliers, and importantly to never run out of stock.”


What’s your biggest challenge?

“We are heavily reliant on spotting an opportunity with a distributor to buy a popular product at a discount, and to undercut the same product on other marketplaces.

To do this quickly, we needed immediate access to working capital – which the Woodsford TradeBridge facility offers.”


For more information on how Woodford TradeBridge supports Raysan Direct, download the full case study:

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